• Discover Ithaca!

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    The port of Ithaca, Vathi

  • Discover Ithaca!

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    The traditional village Kioni in North Ithaca

  • Discover Ithaca!

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    Gidaki beach, on the south coast of Ithaca

  • Discover Ithaca!

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    The archaeological site “Homer’s School”, where archaeologists believe used to be Ulysses’ Palace


General photos of Ithaca. You can admire the beauty of the island, including the quiet beaches with crystal clear waters and the breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea as it can be seen from the mountain villages. You can send us your own photos, the ones that you would wish to be published in Terrabook by just a simple way: fill in the form below and your own ‘’click’’ will complete the mosaic of Ithaca!

Interactive Map of Ithaca

You can see a real picture of what you are looking for to Ithaca on the map of Terrabook! You can discover where is everything you are asking and see how its actual form is. With a few simple steps you will be able to ‘’find yourselves’’ instantly in beautiful Ithaca.

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  • Photographic Tribute to the Monastery of Kathara

    All people from Ithaca, wherever they live, every September 8th , they have in their mind the big celebration of their homeland; “Kathariotissa celebrates” and by this phrase the local people mean the events of Monastery of Kathara, the most important monastery in Ithaca. The...
  • Paths

    The countless trails and paths of Ithaca have been recently exploited and have already garnered a lot of loyal fans! The island is lush and due to the fact that a large part of it has not been yet alienated by modern tourist facilities, the...
  • Milo – Paraga walk

    The most beautiful walk in Ithaca! You can start beside the seaside, on the perimeter of the harbor in Vathi, from the one side, “Milos” to the other, “Paraga” in Kavos. This walk is memorable by the grandmothers, who used to walk with their parents...
  • The traditional grape harvest of Ithaca

    One of the most important products of Ithaca is the well-known local wine with its outstanding color (dark orange), aroma and its strong flavor. In the island there are vines which are still cultivated in many areas even if it is one of the most...
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